PLGE – Interactive Electronic ILP and e-Learning Resource Platform

PLGE – Interactive Electronic ILP and e-Learning Resource Platform

 Interactive Electronic ILP and e-Learning Resource Platform is the third result of Erasmus+ PLGE project. It is a an open-access platform for L2 teachers and learners, which contains materials developed as part of the first intellectual output, as well as an electronic version of the second intellectual output, the Electronic Resource Library (ERL) and, of course, a short guide on how to use the platform.

Its great advantage is that it gives access to innovative tools. It provides knowledge about differentiation, different techniques and examples of differentiation which L2 teachers can use during their classes. The Interactive ILP System enables teachers and learners to work together more easily by accessing documents on individual learner progress at any time and from any place. This allows learners to check and update their progress remotely and allows teachers to view and assign tasks based on their progress. All they have to do is log in to their account.

The platform also includes the Electronic Resource Library, to which both teachers and learners can add any document for learning and studying. These materials are Open Educational Resources (OERs).

In conclusion, the platform facilitates the learning process and offers high quality learning opportunities based on the guidance and recommendations previously received from L2 teachers, and gives access to interesting  methods and allows the teachers to follow the learner’s progress anywhere and anytime.

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