Personalised Learning in Group Environments

Interactive Electronic ILP and e-Learning Resource Platform

Given the context of personalised learning in the current European environment, and European national policies going forward, it is clear that there is little focus on the personalisation of learning for adults, especially in informal environments. Despite the internet providing almost unlimited open educational resources (OERs) for language learning through self-directed learning (SDL), many students still choose to study their target language in group classes, either physically or remotely. The direct exposure to a language teacher and other, like-minded students provides something which cannot always be achieved through SDL using OERs.

The aim of the PLGE project is to provide language teachers with a set of innovative tools in an individual platform, along with the skills and knowledge to be able to offer adult learners high quality, personalised learning opportunities in adult, group language courses.

Where would you like to start?

e-Learning Platform on differentiation

Discover how the learning for adults can and should be personalised, especially in informal environments.

Interactive ILP System

Access individual learners' LNAs and ILPs and work on the documents without using a single sheet of paper.

Electronic Resource Library (ERL)

Browse through selected OERs for L2 teachers and L2 learners that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere.

Tutorial on the use of ILP and ERP

Learn how to get most out of this Interactive Platform and how to incorporate it into the learning process.