European Pilot “Testing tools for personalised learning in group environments”

European Pilot “Testing tools for personalised learning in group environments”

A feedback questionnaire was applied to the 20 participants involved in the pilot activity “Testing tools for personalised learning in group environments” organised by Quarter Mediation (Netherlands) from 18th of June to 31st of July 2020, under the Erasmus +. KA2 Strategic Partnership Project “PLGE – Personalised Learning in Group Environments”. The respondents, language teachers and trainers at different levels of education whose learners face geographical and economic obstacles, liked very much the piloted tools, including the Interactive Electronic ILP and e-Learning Resource Platform. They appreciated that the purpose of this project does not refer only to the opinion of the teachers, but highlights the students’ effort to obtain better results. The teachers’ feedback includes opinion about each of the piloted tools:

The PLGE platform benefits the learners by providing them with the opportunity and resources to be able to undertake targeted, monitored self-study activities, to enhance the learning process, and instil a sense of ownership amongst learners to take responsibility for their own learning outcomes and language learning development.

The Handbook on Differentiation in L2 Learning Environments enables teachers to have a wider perspective upon personalised learning opportunities with an emphasis on differentiation techniques that can be successfully used by a language teacher to implement new methodologies in the classroom.

The Standardised Modular Individual Learning Plan Framework meets the needs of today’s students more adequately than traditional instruction both with respect to the quality of learning and its content.

The Individual Learning Plan templates are flexible to account for the specific learning needs of learners. Learners’ needs are assessed, monitored and reviewed, all these ensuring learners progress over time.

Overall, the participants in the pilot activity highlighted that the Interactive Electronic ILP and e-Learning Resource Platform helps improve organisation and communication, enhance independent and personalised learning, as well as the quality and range of resources and digital literacy. It offers more opportunities for collaboration and interaction. Moreover, due to the recent COVID-19 related changes in the educational systems, the PLGE platform offers a great variety of information really handy for language teachers.