Personalised Learning in Group Environments

Project number


Target groups

Language teachers (direct)
Learners from disadvantaged backgrounds (indirect)

Implementation period

01.10.2018 – 30.09.2020


Handbook on Differentation in L2 Learning Environments

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Standardised Modular Individual Learning Plan Framework

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Interactive Electronic ILP and e-Learning Resource Platform

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The aim of this project was to provide language teachers with a set of innovative tools in an individual platform, along with the skills and knowledge to be able to offer adult learners high quality, personalised learning opportunities in adult, group language courses.

The objectives of the project were to:

  • Form a holistic and innovative methodology and strategy to personalise for use in adult language learning environments.
  • To increase the capacity of L2 language teachers [second language teachers] and educational staff to be able to apply the personalisation techniques currently being used and developed in public sector teaching, in adult learning environment.
  • Increase the capacity of L2 language teachers to be able to offer high quality learning opportunities.
  • Apply the benefits of personalised learning in an innovative way and in a different context: for adult learners, studying in group environments.

Target group of this project were L2 language teachers, working with various learners.